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An extraordinary person must remember to align with the Source within him or herself in order to Monetize his or her Talent.

Your need to align yourself is known to your Inner Self. You on the other hand need to remember to apply it...

Reading to remember?

That is a BOOT of FAITH, you are giving your BOOT of FAITH towards a concept that your mind probably keeps hidden behind layers and layers and layers of beliefs. But on the other side is your victory.

Do you want the fastest possible route?

Remembering is of utmost importance for you because when you come to a Blog like this one, you read it and it ignites in you the idea of Monetizing your Talent.

For you that idea is something that will happen in the future, but for your Inner Self that idea is perfect and fully realized in this NOW.

An enthusiastic person, but without this knowledge would "build what is already built". He would work hard, he would work arduously, he would drain the battery of his enthusiasm, without energy he would only "see obstacles", he would give up and Monetizing his Talent is an impossible dream to achieve.

Do you want to be that normal enthusiastic person?

That same enthusiastic person, but with this knowledge is on his way to becoming an extraordinary person. He would "allow what is already built". The battery of his enthusiasm is continuously recharged from his Inner Self. He will energetically "see opportunities", finish what he starts and Monetize his Talent is a dream come true.

Do you want to be that extraordinary enthusiastic person?

Now that you have chosen wisely between the two dilemmas, prepare to drink from the wisdom of these words of Abraham-hikcs.

As you begin to discover many of you are already discovering it the vibractional frequency of alignment with the source within you.

And you maintain more often that steady place of love and appreciation for no good reason other than that you´re not doing that thing you do that´s keeping you from it.

Then Out of Absence of Resistance, Law of Attraction will carve a Route for You swiftly and directly to all things that you desire.

And in the beginning it will feel to you that that is the real reason for this message.

Oh, Abraham´s showing us how to manifest the things that have been manifestingly missing in our experience and we say. Yeah, yeah that´s part of it.

But what´s really going on is that we are helping you to remember, helping you to rediscover as these creative geniuses as these ongoing never-ending far-reaching always wanting more because you are thhe expanding beings in this Universe.

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You are the Fun-Loving Otters of the Universe.

You are the Creative Genious of the Universe.

You´ve come with the purpose of discovering Satisfaction while You do the Natural Thing of Expanding.

Others will say what good are you unto the hole if you are selfishly serving your own satisfaction.

And in the time you´ll be able to explain to them that until you learned how to discover the vibrational frequency of alignment and therefore satisfaction that you couldn´t begin to fulfill your reason for being.

And that once you did discover it, that your reason for being became evident in every momento of every day.

So that you were no longer like so many people who live in a sort of desert looking out there for some future experience, some oasis somewhere.

instead you are someone standing in full receipt of satisfying experiences in every momento and every day because you are now through your absence of resistance seeing the world through eyes of source.

Source who understands the importance of you.

Source who understands why you´re here in this body.

Source that understands the purpose and the value of the argument you had with someone today.

Source who understands the clarification that came from you and the birthing of or the amending of a desire.

Source who undestands unequivocally your worthiness and your goodness.

Source who understands the importance of you finding the satisfaction that you were born with and that you came here to exhibit in every momento of your life experience.

It may seem to some of you that we are a little out here on the leading edge of vibration and thought.

But we want you to leave this gathering understanding that you are THE ONE who will turn these Thoughts to Things.

And that while you are avidly wanting some thing to be turned into things that are different than the things that they are already turned into.

We want you to know that while that´s all coming and that there is not one manifestation that you wish for that we do not wish for with you as well.

But what really rings our bells is you getting into the flow of this energy stream and living happily ever after as you´re getting ready to be ready, to be ready, to be ready, to be ready.

And the reason that that matters so much to us, and the reason that we know that in time it will come no matther so much to you is beacuse there´s no ending to what we´re becoming

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