⚜️ To Monetize your talent work on believing in what you want. #ClubNetworkingConectivo

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Talk yourself into BELIEVING what you want.

Abraham - Hicks gives you these powerful guidelines that when Monetizing your Talent you should take to your field

You have to be a cooperative component with your own powerfull important thoughts.

You can´t think against your own desires and allow that gap to close.

You have to lean in the direction of it.

Your work is to believe what you want. Talk yourself into believing what you want.

Cease the split energy. I want it, but. I would really like to have, but. I´ve wanted it for such a long time and it´s just not happening.

Yeah right

I would really like to have that, but. I don´t know anyone that has that easily.

I want that, but… oh there´s too much of a price that I would have to pay to in order to get that.

You often shoot your desires in the foot with your awareness of what is, and that´s the part that we really want to get your attention about here and how.

Because, isn´t this interesting?

So you´re standing in a place living some life and life shows you or brings you to an awareness that you are without something that you want to have.

So knowing what you don´t want or what you don´t have, helps you to know what you do want.

So this desire becomes more and more and more until it comes into your conscious awareness and so now you have a desire.

You have a desire and, do you know what the only thing is that´s keeping you from closing in on your desire from having fun watching thinngs come into place and getting the fullness of it?

Do you know the only thing that´s keeping you from it?

You are looking at what is and what is is opposite of what you want and so the what is vibration has more of your air time.

You´re talking more, thinking more about what is and so you´re not allowing yourself to talk and think about what´s becoming.

So you are pessimistic about what´s becoming because you´re talking about what is and isn´t that interesting.

Don´t just find that interesting when you look at it that way that the only thing that keeps you from moving to where you really want to be is talking about where you are, incessantly.

You´re so interested in where you are.

🗣️ - Let me expalin to you where I am.-

You say to anyone who will pause and listen.-

🗣️ - Let me explain to you where I am and, Oh there is more I need to tell you how I got here.-

🗣️ - And I´d like to tell you how long I´ve been here, and I´d also like to tell you how much I don´t like being here.-

🗣️ - And hey, wait, I´m not the only one here, there are a lot of others here with me. None of us like being here.-

🗣️ - We all want something different than what we have.-

And we say, we know you do, but you can´t get there that way.

You got to let go of what is in order to allow what is becoming to become what is.

And so what we want you to do, is figure out how to enjoy the fresh breath of air that that new desire is giving to you, and resist the temptation to face rality just for a little while.

Lean in the direction of optimism, rather than leaninng in the direction of pessimism.

Let yourself, think thoughts that feel bettter to you.


ABRAHAM HICKS ~ Make This Your Only Work, And EVERYTHING YOU WANT MUST COME! ~ Law of Attraction

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