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When you combine "Monetize" + "Talent" + "Blog" use the Power of balancing the General with the Universe and the Specific, to achieve Extraordinary results, while neutralizing your unhealthy inclination to try hard.

Swing to the "GENERAL", enjoy how those "SPECIFIC" fill you up and then swing to the side of your Blog, to dump them on it.

Have you ever heard anything this crazy before?

If it sounds crazy to you, you may not be ready for what follows, but go on, there is no way I can teach you a skill that will mature over a lifetime in the small space of this post. I do have a few minutes to teach you the basics before you get on that trapeze, on which you will improve barbarically for a lifetime.

Do you make out?

Let's start with this Abraham Quote:

When your newly activated thoughts are general and not very defined, those vibrations are still very small and don't have much drawing power, so in those early stages you probably don't have any manifested evidence of the object of your attention.

But as the thought gains momentum, you begin to do an emotional reading on how that growing thought-vibration matches your Source Energy.

If it matches Who-You-Are, your positive emotions will tell you.

If it doesn't match Who-You-Are, your negative emotions will tell you.

Here's some basic theory, but don't pretend to understand it all at once and good luck if it makes sense to you.

Monetizing your Talent is a refined way to put money in your pocket. And about earning money for the vast majority of the public involves a lifetime of putting in lots of hours on whatever comes along.

Depending on how young you started and how many years you have been practicing, your trapeze will be so clinging to that "sacrifice" side, like a powerful magnet stuck to an iron plate, that when you get on the trapeze of your Talent, you will still be holding it on that side yourself.

You will want it to swing the other way, but at the same time you won't let it.

And if it's something important to you, bacause you want to make money doing what you enjoy... huge amounts of money... you might even say.

Getting on the trapeze knowing this basic theory is a serious matter for you, because this resource will help you to become aware of this division, which you yourself have been fostering in you.

And that understanding is all you need to release your "Trapeze - Talent" and allow it to swing NATURALLY from the "sacrifice" side to the "talent" side.

Do you feel that urge for knowledge?

You've been looking for answers and solutions in all the wrong places. Let's start to turn that confusion around with this nice conversation from one of the participants in the Abraham-Hikcs Workshops-Cruises, which you can listen to and read.

In the hot seat sits a man to converse with Abraham about the relationship between going "General" or going "Specific", with the Universe and seeks to improve his understanding of the Laws of the Universe.

He gets the answers he seeks from Abraham, and you get cutting edge wisdom, to apply to your Life Project (¿Qué hay aquí para mí? Sección 2) and keep you playing and winning by Monetizing your Talent with the help of a Blog and Online Marketing Toolkit.

          Should I go general or be specific with Universe?

Man in the hot seat: You brought up this really interesting point about what Esther had to do with the restaurant with the placemat and as I went up to my room during the break. I was thinking about it and I thouhgt to myself if I let the universo take care of what I´d like to take care of what on that list. Was it specific? Was it general?

Abraham: Well it was specific because you carved it out.

You have to realize that through the experience of life of knowing what you don´t want knowing what you do want, you have very specifically put the characteristics of what you want into the vortex.

And the largest part of you has not only been aware of them but has been the vibrational equivalent of them ever since you put them there.

And every time you have a new experience which causes you to amend it a little bit, to change it or expand it a little bit, because as you move through life you do that all the time.

The inner being part of you keeps up with it.

So you created it specifically and it stands with such specificity that it stands really specific.

It does. It stands there, it stands there in that perfection that you have assigned and so now your only work is to allow the perfection that you´ve assigned to flow into your experience at the perfect momento in time.

And that´s why we said earlier when you feel impatience it means you´re not allowing it even though it´s ready for you. You´re not ready for it.

And it´s something that you´re ready for comes before you´re ready for it, it just bounces off of you.

Man in the hot seat: Right.

Abraham: Somebody else doesn´t walk away with it but you don´t get it.

Man in the hot seat: Right. So the being the allowing myself to be okay with not being ready for something is where I´m gonna let the univverse take care of every thing for me.

Oh that´s really what we want for all of you. We want you to just chill out that´s why we say things to you like never get it done and you can´t get it wrong.

That´s why we just said to you. Do you think that you´re ever going to accomplish a vibrational grid that´s going to serve you for the rest of you life?

It´s momento by momento by momento that´s the fun of all of it.

It would be like being a wonderfull athele, let´s say a tennis player really enjoying the game who wins all of the top honors and then says no point in ever playing again.

And we say really? We thought you were playing because you liked the agility that your body discovered.

We thought you liked to play because you liked the clarity and the and the strength of your body.

We thought you liked it every time you put that ball right where you meant to put it.

We thought you like the intuitive feeling that you had when you anticipated where the ball was going and you were there to meet it even when that other guy is so good that he usually surprise people.

TWe thought you liked the game. Are you saying you only like the trophy?

You see and you all came for the game. The game never ends. You see. You got to keep playing. You got to keep playing. You got to keep winning.

But you got to keep playing because there´s always another game and another game and another game and another game.

Every momento there´s another game, there´s another point of clarity, there´s another opportunity to uplift, there´s another opportunity to have way more fun than you´ve ever had before.

That grid is just ripe the vortex is ripe with whatever the grid is ready to allow. You see.

Your work is to prepare the grid, your work is to be ready for what´s ready.

It´s ready. The question is are you ready? Are you ready?

And if you`re having fun you´re ready. If you´re chilling you´re ready. If you´re happy you´re ready. If you´re flowing with enthusiasm you´re ready.

If you´re angry you´re not ready for what´s in the grid you want. You´re ready for what´s in those other grids.

Man in the hot seat: So does that mean that I don´t know what I want or is that I just have to allow?

Abraham: Oh we think you know because negative emotion always means you put something there you´re not allowing.

You can´t never not know we can pronounce you that you´re no ever again gonna not know. You always know.

You might deny. You might deny that you know or you might resent that you have to hold the vibration.

Esther says that to us every now and again.

Really? I liked it better before I knew so much. I feel sill responsible and we say. Then you´re not ready.

Feeling of responsibility is not being ready.

I feel responsible to my point of Attraction? What am i doing wrong?

You´re feeling responsible and self-critical you can´t allow what´s in your vortex if you´re self-critical.

Well, What do i do? How do I learn? Ho do I be smater?

By going general. I understand the law of the uiverse. I believe that I offer a point of attraction. I accept that I´ve lived a lot of life and then I put it there.

I know enough from what I´ve heard and felt form Abraham to know that these laws are substantial and consistent.

I don´t want to ask to be the exception in the universo. I can go with the fllow of the laws. I can do that. I want to be happy.

I wanna be happy and I´m willing to do whatever it takes to be happy.

I´m willing to stpp being responsible if It´s neccesary to being happy.

Now that´s interesting. OhI´m not longer gonna be responsable. My chidren will starve.

Too specific, Too specific.

I´n not gooing to take on more than is mine to take on. I´m not gooing to try to control the world. I´m not going to try to control what others are thinking or doing.

Lighter, lighter, lighter.

I´m gonna trust that they all have an intervene. I´m gonna trust that they will find their way.

I´m gonna look for my way and trust that others will find theirs.

Lighter, lighter, lighter, lighter, lighter.

But what if they don´t know what to do?

A negative emotion, too specific.

Man in the hot seat: Go general

Abraham: Go general, well they´ll figure it out. Everybody´s not ready for this leading-edge conversation.

And what they´re ready for the universo will deliver to them.

They´ll be fine.

A lot of people wouldn´t be happy knowing what I´m talking about here today.

It´s too leading-edge for them. They´re not confortable with this leading-edge conversation.

They´re ready for what they´re ready for and they have an inner being who adores them who has their back.

And all kind of non-physical energies that are focused with them.

They´re gonna be just fine. They´re gonna figure it out.

We all gonna figure it out. We get to play together.

Those of us who are ready for one another will come together as cooperative components in each other´s experience and we´ll have a really wonderful time togethher.

We´re not supposed to ever get it all figured out.

These´s always more to figure out more and more and more.

I´m gonna use my point of attention right here and now. My point of power which is where me and me converges.

It´s where the non-phisical intervene me and the physically focus me is where we converge.

I´m gonna converge right here in this now momento and I´m going to feel good while I do it. I´m gonna feel good.

So then you turn on the televisión and there´s something troubling, turn it off.

You keep thinking about it change the subject in your mind.

Somebody call you it´s upsetting, hang up.

As you keep thinking about it, you´re still upset change the subject.

Just keep reminding yourself. I´m going to tend to my point of attraction which mostly means. I´gonna mind my own business.

Which mostly means I´m gonna do my best to feel good as best as I can.

And I´m getting better and better and betther and better and better at this.

The thing that´s interesting is that you all have big lives and the bigger your life is the more components you have.

Sometimes you feel like you have too many moving parts. There´s too much for you control, but there´s not too much for Law of Attraction to manage.

And all you have to do is look among the moving parts pick a target that feels good to you focus upon it until you´ve established it as your set point, lock in lock into it and maintain it.

And the Law of Attraction will give you feedback to let you know how well you´ve done, you see.

Man in the hot seat: But in the locking into it. it´s by letting it, by allowing it rignt by letting it come to you.

Abraham: By locking into it we mean focus upon it until you feel the relief. Let´s add this to it this is really good.

Find the general place and lock into it. Find the general place and lock into it.

Till it´s boring, then find a more specific place and play around with it until it feels really good then walk into it until it feels boring.

And then feel around and find a place until it feels good and then walk into it.

We can offer examples and we will offer examples of that as we´re moving forward.

Man in the hot seat: So that´s where the you use this term earlier vibrational altitude and I thought that was really interesting especially coming into the concept of the physical arena and playing the game like you were just talking about.

And converstion, earlier…yeah

And the vibrational altitude is when you can hold it´s when you shift and hold and when you know it´s not right you shift and hold right?

It´s just a process.

Abraham: You think that´s a good picture?

Man in the hot seat: Okay

Abraham: An we would call it vibrational awareness, you see. Because most humans offer most o their vibration and so their point of Attraction is mostly caused by what they are observing.

And since they are using their visual sense and auditory sence in other words you´re using your physical senses to observe.

You´re observing all kind of different vibrational things.

You´re watching things on televisión or reading things in your newspapers.

So you are locking on to things because they´re around you to see, Not neing very picky or selective. It´s just there to see so you see it.

But when you begin to explore what´s in your vortex where it hasn´t manifested yet.

So there´s not manifested car to see in your garege or no manifested lover to find in your bed is a vibrational versión of it.

Then sometimes since it´s easier to just observe than it is to subtly interpret the vibration. You just observe, which means you hold your self in a mixed vibration.

I like that. I don´t like that. I want that. I don´t want that.

And so so. Your point of attraction is scattered and bringing you more of all of that.

Once you decide that you´re going to explore the subtle vibrations, which means you have to feel you way there. You can´t just observe.

Then what happens is you think and feel and think and feel and think and feel. You have to be aware.

Esther would say to Jerry as they were driving sometimes. She would say I don´t know what I was thinking about but I don´t feel good.

And he would say, well what conversation were you having in your mind?

And sometimes it would take her a little while to trace herself back to what it was that was bothering her.

But there always is a vibrational route.

And every time you are bothered by something. It always means the same thing.

It´s means that you´ve got active, which means something you´re thinking about is a different opinión than your inner being. Who has an opinión on the same subject.

And if you can just remember that.

But think about it. We just had this conversation a minute ago.

It´s really really the next leading-edge conversation that we´re going to have in all of this.

Your inner being is always more general.

Oh you´re the specific part of it.

So your inner being is always more general.

Now stay there with us.

You like that? Are you feeling the relief of that?

Man in the hot seat: Yeah.

Your inner being is more general. Your inner being is focused upon what you want in a more general place.

So you can always go back to that more central central, more centered, more stable, more sure place and then reach forward to be more specific again.

And you can tell by the way you feel whether you´re feeling your way in the direction of what you want and then once the momentum stars happening suddenly you come out of what feels like darkness beacuse you´re not using your eyes when you´re feeling emotionally.

And suddenly it all lights up and you know exactly what to do.

You see it the idea flows to you as clearly as it did in your dream when you were flying.

Man in the hot seat: And that happened once you´ve established your vibration.

Abraham: That happened in the momento that you found a way to stop offering the static resistance.

Man in the hot seat: Vibrational trust fall.

Abraham: So let´s apply and old analogy that we´ve used for a long time because it fits here.

Pure positive energy is like the cork up there floating on the surface of the water hold it under the water that´s what resistance is but when you let go it will float right back up again.

So when you stop doing that thing so don´t try too hard.

That´s really what we´re getting at you´re working too hard.

That´s really what we´re getting at you´re working too hard.

And that´s why we´re trying to get you to go general, as you general you work less hard.

You find that vibrational place.

Friends we are out here on the leading edge of this and we´re going to stay here and go beyond where we are.

But if you will let this week be the opportunity to use your Power of General deliberately.

And then Enjoy the Specifics that fill in by the time you get off this ship.

You´ll have this. You will.

Man in the hot seat: That´s all I need specific?

Abraham: Yeah.

Man in the hot seat: Thank you.


At the moment you have acquired a lot of knowledge. It will become wisdom the more you use it to dump content on your Online Business Blog and you will recognize those "Clicks of Wisdom", as there is no way you can go wrong with that feeling coming from inside you.

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A pleasure; David

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